Creepypasta X Reader Oneshots

Creepypasta X Reader Oneshots

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Sebastion| サバスティオン By Blood_Azure Updated Feb 24, 2016

List of Cp's

-BEN Drowned
-Jeff The Killer
-Eyeless Jack
-Laughing Jack
-Maybe other Cp's if I decide to not be lazy :P

I don't own these Creepypasta's except for Blood Azure (I know it's my username, but it's a CP I made up that I'm soon going to write her story and I MIGHT want to publish it as an Official)

SilintMelody SilintMelody Oct 01, 2016
I really want to know the origins of how I caught the attention of killers anyways.......
SilintMelody SilintMelody Sep 12, 2016
How do I end up in these situations..... 
                              How I ask you... How....