Art Works - NYC (Harry Styles) ✔️

Art Works - NYC (Harry Styles) ✔️

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Whatever Forever By dontbeadisaster Completed

"She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something." - Eleanor & Park (Rainbow Rowell)

Althea's past is complicated.
Harry's present is complicated.
Yet everything seems to be so simple when they are together.

*this story contains mature content!*

Dramatic outburst. What RILEY! Omg really, i can't believe you would just dump news like that on me. How could you even.
                              Just kidding okay I don't mind
I'm a hugger so I would probably put her in an awkward position
when you're brazilian and hugging people you just met is absolutely normal 🙈🙊
chanmapan chanmapan Jan 27
I love that you use Greek references like Althea, Medusa. Yeah yeah I am of Greek origin.
Rosnoname Rosnoname Oct 11
British people tend to do that a lot, and it's very unconfortable for me too (I'm Italian)
spaniel. he was a spaniel called toby. i have a spaniel called toby (a sprocker tho) so this line made me very excited