Solid Gold(a fnaf  Human!Golden Freddy X Reader Fanfic)

Solid Gold(a fnaf Human!Golden Freddy X Reader Fanfic)

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I_am_trash_hellO By That_random_fangirl3 Updated Dec 31, 2016

Hopefully this will be my main book unless my Freddybon story takes off a bit more, but make no mistake I will still be adding to my other books. Thank you guys for all the support I have been getting in this, and I know my writing needs some improvement so hopefully you guys will find this book well written and very enjoyable. Goldie is personally my favorite so that's why I decided to make this a Goldie x Reader story, so without further ado, I give you: Solid Gold!
I do NOT own fnaf or any of its characters, but I do own my ideas so PLEASE do not steal those unless you ask and I say yes. thank you.

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Harmonie or Mia look for my book plz that is the Main characters name
Everyone talking about Undertale and I'm sitting her screaming at Bonnie because no one calls me child, only I can call people child! So go take a tiny bunny nap you idiotic rust bucket.
Is it weird that every dream that i have that involves any game or tv show i end up being called 'the one'?
Normal people: OMG UNDERTALE
                              Me:... Child?... Aww I'm a child!
                              golden freddy: STFU
                              me: I HATE YOU
                              golden freddy: GOOD
                              me: BE MY SENPAI YOU LITTLE B****
Everyone talking about undertale and I'm just over singing a Hannah Montana song when she had to choose between to guys 😂