Solid Gold(a fnaf  Human!Golden Freddy X Reader Fanfic)

Solid Gold(a fnaf Human!Golden Freddy X Reader Fanfic)

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I_am_trash_hellO By That_random_fangirl3 Updated Feb 06

Hopefully this will be my main book unless my Freddybon story takes off a bit more, but make no mistake I will still be adding to my other books. Thank you guys for all the support I have been getting in this, and I know my writing needs some improvement so hopefully you guys will find this book well written and very enjoyable. Goldie is personally my favorite so that's why I decided to make this a Goldie x Reader story, so without further ado, I give you: Solid Gold!
I do NOT own fnaf or any of its characters, but I do own my ideas so PLEASE do not steal those unless you ask and I say yes. thank you.

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MiniMiniNinja538 MiniMiniNinja538 Jul 14, 2017
Everyone talking about Undertale and I'm sitting her screaming at Bonnie because no one calls me child, only I can call people child! So go take a tiny bunny nap you idiotic rust bucket.
Harleyquinn8666 Harleyquinn8666 Jul 20, 2017
Is it weird that every dream that i have that involves any game or tv show i end up being called 'the one'?
Missimafreakingdork Missimafreakingdork Aug 03, 2017
Normal people: OMG UNDERTALE
                              Me:... Child?... Aww I'm a child!
goldenfredbearlover goldenfredbearlover Oct 04, 2017
                              golden freddy: STFU
                              me: I HATE YOU
                              golden freddy: GOOD
                              me: BE MY SENPAI YOU LITTLE B****
DerpyPotato-Chan7 DerpyPotato-Chan7 Dec 03, 2017
Lexie though I probably shouldn't share this.... 
                              Oh well :3
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