Charlie Weasley x Reader

Charlie Weasley x Reader

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(: By neighborhoodpidge Updated Feb 09, 2019

A/n- Story picture cover thing is not mine it belongs to the owner. Also sorry if this sucks ;-; idk if anyone will actually like this-or read it.. but there's not enough Charlie Weasley fanfics out ya' you go~

Sitting under a tree, your (eye color) orbs slowly survey the field. You were in your 5th year at Hogwarts, the same year as Charlie Weasley. His older brother, Bill Weasley, was in his 7th and final year, while his younger brother, Percy, was in his second year. His other two younger brothers, Fred and George, were in their first year. 

You only knew this because you just happened to be best friends with Charlie. Although, Bill could see right through  you. He figured out about your little- okay, big -crush on his little brother. 

Looking up at the school, a heavy sigh escapes your lips. Frankly, you just wanted to tell him how you felt. But of course, the fear of rejection got to you. But...if he did reject you...he would let you down easy, right? It ...