Kathniel:  The Real Score

Kathniel: The Real Score

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jupiter yellow By jupiteryellow Updated a year ago
WARNING:  Due to lack of time and materials, this fan-fiction is indefinitely on-hold.
They don't know about the things we do. They don't know about the I love you's.
no offense pero i really dont appreciate Liza's face . i dont know maybe because of her 2 large teeths infront and her long chin I guess . but no hate tho :) i really like this fanfic
@RoseeeBeeef fanfic lang po yan pero parang totoo ... but who knows ... :)
Thanks ms. author! Chap 1 pa lang, alam ko nang you're really a gifted writer.. I'm sure this'll be a good read. Mapupuyat na naman ako nito! :D
hindi to ttoo kase  gnyan c kua deej...ginagalang nya c ate kath ...pag ginawa yan ni kua deej magagalit c ate kath...
@AngelDevineAreniego .. hope is liza soberano's true name . hope eliZabeth soberano