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Rapunzel By Scarlett8998 Completed

Cassandra Usher- loving, stubborn, beautiful, Alpha's daughter, and sweet (when she wants to be)
Theodore Steel- cruel, emotionless, Alpha, possessive
One is water, one is fire, both make for an interesting story. Theodore is leader of the Blood Moon pack and they are ruthless killers. Stories told to little children so they'd behave. I mean what do you expect from hybrids who's lineage goes back to Lucifer. When Cassie's pack, Ivory Blade, gets attacked by rogues with an unusual force, her father calls upon the Blood Moon pack for help. Cassie thinks it's absurd and reckless but does as she's told, even if she has to bite her tongue. Things get even more insane when her eyes meet with Theodore Steel's grey ones. 
Theodore Steel never wanted a mate, they were a distraction and a down fall for some wolves. But, when his eyes meet Cassie's green ones, all he can do is be drawn to her. 
One is Water, one is fire, mix them together and what do you get?

szdavis szdavis May 30, 2016
Loving the names.
                              1. Theo- Divergent actor played Thor
                              2. Davina- The Originals
                              3. Cassandra- author of the mortal instruments
Reese_Nytic Reese_Nytic Aug 18, 2016
You can ignore this since it isnt important. * Dirty blonde, better then says blonde / brown. I just have to say it.
Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Jun 01, 2016
Wait Vina already knows right?! Cassie was complaining about him in her room like 10 min ago.
Scarlett8998 Scarlett8998 May 30, 2016
When I wrote this I didn't watch the Originals. And I love the mortal instruments. Cassandra Claire is an amazing author. I read her other books as well. However that is not why I picked the name
Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Jun 01, 2016
Yooo!! You just killed someones business! Y'all better pay for that
WolfsAreAwesome1 WolfsAreAwesome1 Apr 01, 2016
I'm pretty sure you can't use Theo James name in here.
                              And FYI,  for all you ppl out there, his full name is Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis....
                              So Theodore James is his real name but he goes by theo james