Doctor Who Imagines

Doctor Who Imagines

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Basically what the title says.

Cover by @annacanwrite

No smut.

Looked into the light? Yeah Rose did that and now we have Captain Jack, pretty luck my if you ask me
SugarMusic SugarMusic Jun 22
Asgard? Hogwarts? Narnia? 221B Baker Street? Men of Leters' bunker in Kansas? Camp Half Blood?
-lxcifer -lxcifer Sep 03
Did no one tell me not to look into the light?
                              -without sunglasses-
turtlephant turtlephant Sep 08
remember when Clara, almost fell out of the TARDIS and she was laughing like crazy while hanging thousands of feet about London?
How bout trenzalore?!  I heard it's a great place to visit!! Hehehe *evil laughter*
Dang it! Like six or seven people already beat me to the whole 'timey whimey' bit! 😂😂😂😂