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Various x male reader one-shots

Various x male reader one-shots

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Gris and Blake <3 By GrisCat Updated Aug 15, 2016

Written by Feeniecchi on

 His pale cheek was pressed against the wet merman tail; and that already for over two hours. Nanase Haruka's arms were wrapped around it and hugged it close like a body pillow.

"Oi," you softly muttered and patted his black, damp hair, "can you let go?"
"Don't you have, uuh, school?"

You sighed loudly and shifted a bit around, trying to get as comfortable as possible. His bathtub was small but you weren't complaining. The space was just not enough when Haruka decided to join, which happened to be a lot.

Right now was one of these moments.
The ravenet had your tail bent over and hugged it tightly while nuzzling it with his face. 

Haruka seemed to treasure you for some reason.

Maybe because he had found you wounded at the shore. Or maybe it was the fact that you were a merman. 
You guessed that the possibility of both being right was high since after the small while of living at Haru's you had started to understand his habits and...

SHUT UP HARU!!! It's not my fault I don't have a dick... ;-;
kageyamasdick kageyamasdick Sep 26, 2016
Me:*makes loud buzzer sound* WRONG ANSWER MAKOTO IS YOURS IM
HaruAkise HaruAkise Oct 15, 2016
Is it really that surprising that he has that kink? I bet he makes Rin wear a fake mermaid tail
Teen_Symptoms Teen_Symptoms Aug 04, 2016
If only he knew that it wasn't cosplay and unicorns were real
ohnoitsclara ohnoitsclara Jul 23, 2016
                              Gay Thoughts: You're a girl, and your into guys.
                              I know.. ;-;
Hahaha OMG I called it. I was thinking when he ran out of the bathroom screaming "I'm so sorry". That he'd think it was a merman cosplay kink! Anyone else call this or was it just me? ~ 👻