His Secret Love Child (Book One of the LOVE CHILD series)

His Secret Love Child (Book One of the LOVE CHILD series)

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Cameron was the new kid in town. His father had gotten a huge promotion which required them to move from his hometown to a new city half way across the country. Lets just say that Cameron was less than happy with this. But on his first day of school he meets Thorne. Thorne was determined to make Cameron his friend and include him in his circle.

Through Thorne, Cameron meets HUNTER HAWKTHORNE, Thorne's big brother. The man that every woman in the city and a few states are drooling over. Hunter and Cameron began a secret love affair which results in unforseen consequences for Cameron and causes him to run away.

Now ten years later Cameron is back to face Hunter. Back to reveal the secret that he has kept from the man he loved for ten years. All in an attempt to save the life of the one person that means more to him than hunter. HIS SON!!

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PastelWatermelon PastelWatermelon Jun 15, 2016
In my experience it seems everyone wants to be friends with the new kid
ThatOneChickThough ThatOneChickThough Nov 25, 2015
Girl. Why The Hell Is You--? Oh Lord, I wake up at 7:25 for school and feel like I'm in going through hell...
xongi101 xongi101 Nov 15, 2015
ClariceBookman ClariceBookman Sep 21, 2015
He may say he is the top and a manly man, but the above picture screams adorable twink and a bottom. I can just pinch his sexy cheeks both top and bottom.
Superior_Magpie Superior_Magpie Sep 03, 2015
Liking the Prologue! I love these kind of stories -- where one partner has to make it up to the other because they done something wrong. Awesome sause.
letthembefree1993 letthembefree1993 Aug 19, 2015
None* sorry if I'm annoying you with all this corrections but try were bugging me