Twin Mates???!!!

Twin Mates???!!!

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country_gal2002 By country_gal2002 Updated Oct 16, 2017


Mollie Jones just moved to Ararat Virginia hoping to forget her past trying to become as normal well as normal as she can...

Lucas and Logan Smith are Co-Alphas of the Silvermoon pack the thought they would never find there mate because twins usually never find there mates

What will happen when Mollie meets them?
Will she accept them as mates?
Will she tell them her darkest secrets???
Find out in Twin mates???!!!

  • alpha
  • mates
  • past
  • twins
please do point of views in the twins point of views.
                              and try to make it like a story: natural, with the flow if you know what i mean.
liesbrokenbysouls liesbrokenbysouls Apr 03, 2017
This chapter is amazing! However, you can try to leave paragraphs so that it won't be that confusing..? Just a suggestion😁
thepotatoqueen4 thepotatoqueen4 Aug 22, 2017
You know this man has said the wrong kids name when he was tired all their lives
Chloejf24 Chloejf24 Mar 15, 2016
Did anyone else notice THEY ALL HAD blue eyes except for two of them!?!?!!?!??
GlowingJewel GlowingJewel Sep 07, 2016
So she's related to her mate? Maybe it was just a mix up because other wise she would have been related to Lucas
Perfectly-Unique Perfectly-Unique Jul 26, 2016
Omg i thought the title said vagina anyone else? Ok ill be umm at hell