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Katniss and Peeta - Forever & Always {An Everllark Fanfic}

Katniss and Peeta - Forever & Always {An Everllark Fanfic}

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starwars_reylo By katnissmellark675 Updated a day ago

Long after the games Peeta and Katniss live in their beloved home of District 12, which holds many memories of the past. The past is a burden to carry. But it may never leave you. New things will rise in District 12. Will peace ever come? Life isn't always what you've dreamed of. 
  15 years after
  Peeta?" I ask as I move towards his shaking body. He jerks awake sweat has formed on his forehead and I wipe it away gently. "Just a night mare Katniss, are the kids alright?" he asks struggling to sit up, breathing heavily "Yea" I say softly. He must of had a really bad nightmare. He's sweating, startled, and un-stabble. I look back at the blond haired boy and the dark brown haired girl snuggled up together on the twin bed, there hair wisps from the cold air coming through the window Peeta has opened. He always sleeps with the windows opened. Our children will soon go into their room, once Peeta is done painting it. The cold air hits me, awakening my nerves. My piece of mind. The fire that rages on in the fireplace is glowing so bright and bringing warmth to me but also darkness. Fire always reminds of dark cold memories. The girl on fire!  As I sleep the nightmares come, I wake screaming till my throat starts to become raw. Mutts, tracker jackers, Gale, Prim, Peeta being taken away, Peeta choking me, monkeys tearing at my flesh, children burning, the games. The kids would usually wake up but now they are used to it. After a few years they realize Mommy and Daddy are okay.But Peeta will never get used to it his arms are always there to comfort me, protect me. Then eventually his lips to please me, to make me forget. "Always"

Katnisslives Katnisslives Jan 21, 2016
I loved how you added a flashback of a previous conversation between Katniss and Peeta! I loved the detail about Peeta not taking sugar in his tea! Only on the first chapter and already this story is very exciting! Well done! :) x I love it!
LunaWolfCub LunaWolfCub Aug 15, 2015
I like how you add in a quote from the book there as a memory, and how you've included little details about the characters!
navsana navsana Jul 21, 2015
I start reading, nice start,well written awesome keep writing