Ethan (Completed)

Ethan (Completed)

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He was neglected. 
He was uprooted. 
He was forgotten. 
He was left behind.
He was abandoned.
He suffered. 
He had nowhere to go. 
He's still hurting.
He is, Ethan.

*True Story*

#123 Short Story

Battle_Scarred Battle_Scarred Oct 05, 2016
U saw this happen? I thought it was like Rory on the Internet or something.
smelly_cat4 smelly_cat4 Aug 06, 2016
Thank god I haven't gone through any of those except death when my grandpa died that was really sad
Imaginative_vampire5 Imaginative_vampire5 Nov 14, 2016
He was a complete fool for not realising how precious you are. He didn't deserve you Ethan you are a rare diamond who shines the brightest but is covered by the dirt that keeps on coming into your life. You are beautiful and unique and you deserve all the love in the world.
I've gone through all three but luckily my family and friends were there for me🙌🏼🙏🏼
AMikaelsonForLife AMikaelsonForLife Dec 16, 2016
Because people are ässholes, ill never forgive my mother for leaving me, even though she is dead now, i still hate her.