Vexaz Academy: The lost Princess On Hold

Vexaz Academy: The lost Princess On Hold

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Music and anime By xXAnime_For_LifeXx Updated Mar 24

(delacroix- fantasy world)
(Delacroixians- People living in the fantasy world)

In every fairy tale there were a princess, right?

But in this story there were many princesses but one is missing
The one who has the powerful of all powers

She can control everything and Anything

she is in the other world named "Earth" or sometimes The Delacroixians Called "mortal world"

She doesn't remember anything

But then she comes back Can she Remember anything? can she changed when she know she is it?

Let's Just find out


3rd story please enjoy
Don't read if Hindi mo nagustuhan
Hindi kita pinipilit ha??
But if you insist to read it
Then go
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Credits for: Xandra-Chan for making my Cover... I owe you a lot

LaxyIsMe LaxyIsMe Mar 11
Hoy ateh hindi noh! Pero aaminin KO ang mga kaklase KO ang manonosebleed 😂😂
Ate! Magaling ako diyan! At tama lahat ng mga grammar nyo po! Wala po kayong mali don't worry po! Maganda po yung prolouge! Thank you po sa paggawa!
LittleRainne LittleRainne Mar 21, 2016
author may pag ka boyish po ba kau??
                              pero nice start author simula palang love ko na ung story
Frostlings Frostlings Apr 27, 2016
Reading this while waiting for you to update the second book! I already know that this would be also cool and awesome like the others! (Uhh, you can ask me to speak/ type in filipino language if you want me too, don't worry, I know how to speak/ type in filipino language :3)
Upo grabe pulang pulang dugo po lumabas sa ilong ko grabe ang dami...
Author it's beautiful even in na-nonose bleed na kayo wonderful