The Night Of August 15th

The Night Of August 15th

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T.M.LONA By More_Nike_ Updated Aug 14, 2018

In high school, a group of notorious friends buried a secret and promised to take that secret to their graves, they part ways never to see each other again. 

Five years later they are all brought back together, they're lured to a campsite by a mysterious person in a yellow hoodie and there they receive a message - one only they can understand. 

Someone knows what happened on the night of August 15th and that person has vowed to make their lives miserable.

Together, they need to find out who that person is so that their secret can never come to the surface. When one of them gets hurt, everyone is a suspect. They can't trust each other and they certainly can't trust anyone around them.

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  • deceit
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  • friends
  • mystery
  • revenge
  • secrets
  • threats
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Toribur Toribur Jul 19, 2017
Hey. Your story looks interesting. I'm writing a book call killer, you should check it ou sometimes. Reread your book! Its cool"
goosey_gander goosey_gander Aug 15, 2017
And so coincidentally, today being 15th August,2017,I came across this book for the first time. I'm gonna see what today brings
toyosibby toyosibby Jun 27, 2017
In the description it says one of them turns up hurt so maybe you might want to change that
noirbleuetblanc noirbleuetblanc Nov 09, 2016
It gives me 'I know what you did last summer vibes' not the song, the novel
-baltering -baltering Jul 09, 2015
reminds me of PLL and I literally started singing the theme sone
screwyouimtiredd screwyouimtiredd Jun 14, 2015
OMG. Another story from a great author. I'm really excited about this. All your stories are amazing. And this is another mystery/thriller then this would be fun Great startKeep writing