[COMPLETED] I Will Still Love You ((Sad PPGZ and RRBZ Fanfiction))

[COMPLETED] I Will Still Love You ((Sad PPGZ and RRBZ Fanfiction))

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🌸👑i will be back👑🌸 By HimekoLioness Completed

Blossom,Bubbles and Buttercup were mermaids living in harmony. They were fascinated about what is up in the surface because of their Grandpa who has been telling them stories about his adventures there. They wanted to go there but where too young to go.

When the girls reached fifteen years of age, they were extremely happy and went up the surface. They come across princes who have been celebrating their birthdays. When a storm drowns the ship the princes were in, the mermaids rescued them.

The mermaids eventually fell for the prince and vice versa. They visit a sea witch to make them human.

What happens if the princes will discover their real selves? Will they still love them?

I'm thinking about how Ariel (little mermaid) uses a fork as a comb.😂
MehMehBroo MehMehBroo Dec 29, 2016
You guys love seaweed, while I love Seaweed Brain... with Wise Girl (anyone​ gets my reference? PJO Fans?)
The_Toddler_Online The_Toddler_Online Nov 03, 2016
Can you reload chapter 2 im having a hard time also chap 5 thanks
virtual_hugger virtual_hugger Aug 08, 2016
Yes, 3 ships actually
                              called blossick boomumbles and butchercup :^)
Conbolts-and-Vida Conbolts-and-Vida Oct 29, 2016
Yo mama so stupid she though seaweed was something fish smoke
Fallen_Angel116 Fallen_Angel116 Jun 18, 2016
So that means Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup have the same B-day as Brick, Boomer, and Butch?