Love In The Palace

Love In The Palace

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She was sold to a richer family, and then substituted their daughter to be a palace servant candidate at 15.

As news spread fast like the wind, she knows that a palace servant's life is not easy. She wishes for release as soon as she enters the palace.

A chameleon she wants to be, to blend in with the surroundings, attracting no attention. However, fate decides otherwise.

As everyday passes, she begins to witness, one by one, the scheming yet melancholic lives of people in the palace. She wants to leave such a place, only to find out later that she can never escape the tight grasp of cruel destiny.

This girl, her name is Jade Yeva/Yè Ān Yù. 


•Full summary in summary chapter.
•This is actually a Historical Chinese-based story, with names tweaked into English to suit English readers too. Name translation will be provided at the end of chapters. 

***HIGHEST #5 in Historical Fiction.

This looks very interesting! Seeing that my mom watches Chinese drama movies, hmm… I'm gonna keep reading
YES FINALLY A CHINESE HISTORICAL ENGLISH BOOK!!! DAMNN!! thank you sooo much for wanting to write this
What's the Chinese version of the names? 
                              Is Jade called 安玉?
Will this be like those numerous Chinese dramas? Probably. Is that a good thing. Hell yeah.
Can you at least tell me which dynasty's culture will they using ? The Han? The Tang? The Ming or the Qing ? I need something to imagine
Wow the emperor is actually using first person to refer to himself, he must be really intimate with her .