Will you forget the past?   (Bill X Reader)

Will you forget the past? (Bill X Reader)

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This is a Bill X Reader story! Yay! This is a Gravity Falls fan-fic, none of these pictures belong to me (unless if I say they do) and Gravity Falls doesn't belong to me!

Please don't not that abomination I'd rather not pass out with that
I almost tried to eat the dorito but sadly I couldn't reach the illuminati that was flying ;---;
It's - Remember, Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!
Ultrajess Ultrajess Sep 25
"Start listening to _______" LEFT BRAIN RIGHT BRAIN BY BO BURNHAM "i listen to _______ for a while" DUBSTEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP
Me: *starts screeching because I have a dream catcher-based gf demon oc and I always call myself dream catcher or stargazer*
Ok I want some I haven't had breakfast yet and their is nothing in the fringe