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Wife By Choice [Choice Series 1] {Completed}

Wife By Choice [Choice Series 1] {Completed}

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Sarah24SM By Sarah24SM Completed

Grace Carlos, after a terrible confession of her feelings to her best friend who also happens to be her cousin's ex tries to find out her own identity.
  She grabs an opportunity of a job and flies away from her home to a new city closer to her relatives only to end up being a wife to a man she never met.
  When she gets the news of her cousin, going to get married she never in million years thought her cousin would run away and it would turn out to be her own wedding.
  Confused, dazed and to save her uncle's reputation she says yes to the marriage and begins a journey with someone she would not give a second look if he ever crossed the road with her.
  Nicholas Price, a man with few words fulfills his grandfather's wish and marries a girl of his choice. With the line of work he is in, it seems difficult to trust someone but when he meets his wife, he cannot help but want to.
  The side he never shown to anyone he shows to her, the playfulness he never thought he had it comes naturally when with his wife. Therefore, he gives a shot to make the marriage work and be a normal, happy man.
  However, with the line he is working in, it is difficult to play a happy family especially when his wife has someone else in her heart and his enemies are targeting her instead of him.
  The Beautiful cover is by @DuskingSky
  Choice Series :-
  1) Wife By Choice
  2) A Widow's Choice
  3) Divorcee's Choice

Woah! Hold up there what has she done?! What crawled up his ass and died there?! 😤
Don't be so hard on yourself of'course you're ugly inside out after all you're Vicky's cousin. Some resemblence would be there. Jk😂😂😂😂😂
Damn! She's one of a hell character. She's too strong. If I were in her position I would be booking my next flight to Antarctica or somewhere else where no human species exist 🙊
It should not, but Grace you really believed in that even though you were  strong back there by telling your genuine feeling to him but I guess it'll take time for both of you to get back to normal terms.😣😫
He didn't deserve your feeling. Look at him throwing on your face. Let him sulking in the corner and tell him to suck his own D😦😂
That's what my professor told me when I asked for notes from them they were like "bitch whole semester you were making out with your desk by sleeping on it now you need our notes."😂😂😂😂😅 #oldsmellyprofessorshoulddie