Mystery Trio (Dipper x Reader)

Mystery Trio (Dipper x Reader)

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_Fandom_Lover By _Fandom_Lover Updated Nov 23

You are twelve year girl and are forced to spend your summer in a mysterious town named Gravity Falls. You get to live Dipper, Mabel, and Stan Pines. Feelings between you and Dipper start but can you really make it work?? Is it to be or is it not to be?? 

Only small cuss words are used. Like ass and dam(I always spell it like that.)

All rights reserved!! Most characters in this book belong  to Alex Hirsch and so does the show Gravity Falls no matter how much I wish I own the show.

Lone-Loser Lone-Loser 5 days ago
I wanna vote so bad, but there are 666 votes and I don't wanna ruin it! Why is life so conflicting ;~;
I decoded the message. It says: "Welcome to the odd town filled with mysteries... Gravity falls"
Just add that I'm very morbid and before I watched gravity falls some of my faller friends called my the-female-bill
sacha_lizzy sacha_lizzy Jul 18
Doesn't matter ya know... I have no love or real life... Yeah.
Poslen Poslen Nov 27
im 12 and i like playing in the woods and solving mystereis and going on adventures... fits me perfectly!
Inugome5 Inugome5 Aug 27
My mom just wants me gone... I can sense her saying "I'M FREE!"