Partners In Crime (lietpol/Poliet)

Partners In Crime (lietpol/Poliet)

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When Toris meets Feliks, he is overjoyed; Toris doesn't have many friends to start with. However, when Feliks confesses his unrequited love for Toris and kisses him, the Bad Touch Trio snaps a picture and threatens to spill it. Toris knows he can't let this happen; he wants to win the heart of a girl named Natalia, and if rumor spreads he's in an affair with Feliks, that will never happen. The Bad Touch Trio (being the Bad Touch Trio) offer a deal; if Feliks and Toris can make a viral youtube video before the Trio does, the secret will be safe. 

The two teams pit against each other. However, during the competition, Toris finds himself growing close to Feliks, and maybe, just maybe, catching feelings for his partner in crime. 

In a twist turn of tragedy and redemption, Toris and Feliks have to face a question only they can answer: how much are they willing to lose? Each other?

The main ship is Lietpol but is also has references to Pruhun, Prucan, Spamano, and Fruk. More will be added later

And this is way my friends call my Mother Russia even though I'm a boy
blackrocktrash blackrocktrash 4 days ago
Wait Greece and Japan in the same giripan senses are tingling
I'm reading this to my friends and I scearmed "yes sparkle party" but my friends don't get the joke so they think I'm crazy
Im so prud of your grammar.... 'Killed the dragon until he was dead' good job, I can see that you tried
AngelPioneer AngelPioneer Sep 23, 2015
......I thought it was Lily....Maybe that was just the nickname *Shrug*
AngelPioneer AngelPioneer Sep 23, 2015
Toris makes me think of Taurus the Zodiac Sign....My Zodiac Sign....Lithuania is now my Zodiac Sign....*Walks away*