Avengers Mom & Dad Preferences/Imagines

Avengers Mom & Dad Preferences/Imagines

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✘Imagine The Avengers as your parents.✘
✘8/18/16: #27 in Random✘


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opietheislander opietheislander Aug 15, 2016
Okay so I'm an alcoholic at 18 months and not 18 years of age.
aestheticalyclifford aestheticalyclifford Aug 29, 2016
If I could only just fart and parents will buy me fandom merch :(
IHaveADHDAndAnxiety IHaveADHDAndAnxiety Jul 19, 2016
Damn for a sec I thought was was in the DC universe and was like Brucey meh boy
xxfobgurlxx xxfobgurlxx 21 hours ago
How dare you leave me and not take me to get pop tarts ಠ_ಠ
RachelSwee RachelSwee Nov 01, 2016
Its so cute how they are fighting to see if i say their name first but i say twins instead
Lauren_Narcissa_M Lauren_Narcissa_M Oct 28, 2016
And when I fart or burp at home my mum gives me a dirty look