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Warriors: Storm Clouds

Warriors: Storm Clouds

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Halfshadows6 By Halfshadows6 Completed

Brookkit is born into ThunderClan in late winter, and nearly starves. Yet she manages to pull through and become one of ThunderClan's best apprentices. As tensions increase between ThunderClan and RiverClan, and signs of a group of mysterious cats are found, Brookpaw must face a number of obstacles, the worst being Willowlight, a blood-thirsty RiverClan warrior. And among all this, one big question still haunts her; who is her father?

This is a Warriors fanfic. The Warriors series belongs to Erin Hunter.

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Hello, I am also a warriors writer reading other warrior writers things, and you and I have some similarities. I have a leader named Crowstar, and his deputy is Sootfur. I find that funny. Cheers
pandas424 pandas424 Apr 12, 2017
make sure to give Erin Hunter credit and a shout out in a disclamer because you did not make warriors up you copyied them and copied the clan names, to kittystrike, from silverflam90
pandas424 pandas424 Mar 21, 2017
these clan names are trade marked, it is ilegle to copy stuff like that and you could pay a fine up to like $100!
puppyprints152 puppyprints152 Nov 13, 2017
Is it odd how I have an OC named Shadowheart with the exact same description and a medicine cat OC name Frostcloud who is the exact opposite of Darkcloud who is a white tabby and silver she-cat with blind blue eyes
taipanstorm taipanstorm Aug 09, 2017
Uhh the name Emeraldeye doesn't make much sense since when kits are first born, their eyes are always blue lol... Not trying to sound rude, just pointing this out
KittyStrike KittyStrike Apr 09, 2017
I have a cat called Longstripe in my book, but it is not published yet.