Never Felt Loved...    Until Now <3: A Loved Series

Never Felt Loved... Until Now <3: A Loved Series

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Emry is a pessimistic, shy young adult trying to find her way in the world. She has an amazing best friend who sees all the wonderful qualities of Emry. That she is loving, has a big heart, she's dependable, beautiful, and smart. Then there is her family. They harp on her about the way she looks, that she needs to lose weight to be a better person. The verbal abuse is slowly eating away at her confidence and Emry has no idea how much more she can take. She feels alone in this world daily, knowing her family is right that she is never going to find a guy to love her.

Eli is a successful Business owner who owns and runs his own bar. He loves working behind the bar talking with customers, yet it is always nice to just be able to go in his office and be the boss to his employees. He comes from a great family who supports him and loves him no matter what, and his best friend annoys him even though they are like brothers. Eli realizes that he is still not happy in his life, and that is because he was missing something. That something was love, true love.

(This is a work of fiction!! This is an original story that I have myself came up with. All rights are reserved to me the Author and no one else!)

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