The Skylark's Sky {On Hold: I'm sorry}

The Skylark's Sky {On Hold: I'm sorry}

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Blue Leader By BlueCipher0 Updated Oct 29, 2015

This is a story from my account hope you guys like it! My account name is Nightmare Knight Zero

No one knows Hibari's past. He keeps remembering their voices ever since they came back from the future and things went back to normal, well kind of. We all know he hates being controlled or ordered around, but why? Hibari tries to hide the people or things restraining him from being a free cloud, but one person notices and tries to help.

Due to a poll on my Fanfiction account it will be moved to mature and mpreg

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PuppyBae123 PuppyBae123 Nov 12, 2017
Nope. Kyoya is meant for out little Tuna-fish not u ya ho *eyes the bish*
CrystalPrettyGem CrystalPrettyGem Jan 15, 2017
I know that this is a dream but, *brings out pistols* Can I kill them?
ju7393 ju7393 Jan 24, 2016
I would have loved to see Nezu's expression along with all of Tsuna's bullies.
ju7393 ju7393 Jan 24, 2016
I thought Hibari would hit Tsuna, but I'm glad he didn't though.