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Mates...Really! (MxMxMxMxb)

Mates...Really! (MxMxMxMxb)

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Mimi Perez By seby_202 Updated Oct 05, 2016

Maxi is a very spontaneous guy who can never shut up about his opinon. Then one fatefull day he finds his boyfriend in his bedroom with none other then Maxi's best friend Melissa. After a long stressfull day he goes to the movies and finds himself sitting between 4 sexy greek gods. What Maxi doesn't know is that these four hotties are way more special than he thought.........

*pouts* I can't see it and I'm too lazy to look it up on google.
camerashy90 camerashy90 Feb 13
I used to go to this old theater where food would only cost two dollars and the movie would cost 2-3 dollars. I love it. But the movie were outdated.
TRASHED2 TRASHED2 7 days ago
Love rival ( if u know rhe reference i will love u for life and follow u)
ilovepeas ilovepeas Feb 17
This is why you shouldn't cheat on your boyfriend with straight crap
EmoReader893 EmoReader893 7 days ago
i would have called the police......
                              SO THEY COULD TAKE ME TO JAIL FOR MURDER
When I saw the word tube I was like, 'tube of lube? are ya gonna stick your fingers up your- oh wait... it says ice cream, dammit'... I'm going to hell if not for lying and not being straight but for my impure thoughts tbh