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Voldemort's Heir: A Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Crossover (Percy Jackson Fanfic)

Voldemort's Heir: A Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Crossover (Percy Jackson Fanfic)

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Cherry Bomb By SopherPhia Updated Dec 18, 2015

When Percy Jackson and his friends finally defeat Mother Earth and send the giants to literal hell, all Percy wants to do is settle down with his girlfriend Annabeth Chase.

So of course, the complete opposite happens. 

When the Fates (whom Percy decided had something against his happiness) cast yet another evil grandfather into Percy's way, Percy is thrown into a world of  witchcraft and wizardry, not to mention deceit and betrayal.  

Because really, what else can you expect when your grandfather is Voldemort?

hey james potter was your dad and you seemed to turn out better than he did just saying
                              i'm sorry but i just don't like james potter for bullying snape (i don't like snape either for bullying all the kids at hogwarts especially neville) because bullying isn't okay
Guys listen, please understand Harry. If I were in his place I would also have doubts because who wouldn't, Percy's related to Voldamort and LASTLY Harry does not know Rick Riordan or his books exist!!!  (No offense)
CaptainNemos CaptainNemos 3 days ago
More like the fates hate him and all sorts of monsters wanted the tiny percy dead.
chances are you just said that in front of sirius and cHANCES ARE SIRIUS TURNED OUT FINE EVEN THOUGH HIS FAMILY WERE HORRIBLE
Newa_Chan Newa_Chan 2 days ago
Well dam you to Mr. I-hold-a-grudge-stronger-than-Nico, dam you
also harry u were raised by ur horrible aunt and uncle and you're not evil but ok