Haunted Nights ✅ Completed

Haunted Nights ✅ Completed

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Wendy Writes By WendyWrites Completed

Maya has picked the absolute worse time to drive through southern Louisiana. Wet, broke-down, and desperately in need of shelter, she wanders into an abandoned plantation with the sole intention of getting through the night in one piece. 

Daniel, a wraith with a ghost complex, has spent the last two hundred years entertaining himself by scaring the holy hell out of the living. That all changes the moment he discovers his latest intruder can not only hear him, she can see him too! Can Daniel convince his mysterious guest to help find his remains and break the witch's curse he's lived under for the last two hundred years? Hell yeah! And he'll use any means necessary to do it....even if that means getting ghost-weary Maya to fall helplessly in love with him.

Death really is only the beginning when these two forces collide. Nothing will ever be the same for either Maya or Daniel as they find themselves the target of Des's latest love connection!

(A Story from The Desmond Files)

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KarenHoodGreen KarenHoodGreen Feb 12, 2015
so reading this one since your making me wait.....oh sorry forgot I was being understanding....lol....just joking
ambiance101 ambiance101 May 26, 2014
OMG. I just love te Desmond files especially the first one!! I do hope though that Desmond finds love himself. :)
Lipstickjungle Lipstickjungle Nov 16, 2013
I was very ready to dive into this story but I saw you mention a previous one to this book so I had to pause. I already know I'll be up All night engrossed in Catch Curse and Release .
WendyWrites WendyWrites May 08, 2013
@bubbletown =c) Thanks so much for reading!! I hope you enjoy it!!
WendyWrites WendyWrites Mar 27, 2013
@ConstantSound YAY!! ;c) I can't wait to hear what you think, Rose!!
- - Mar 27, 2013
Yay! I finally get to read this! I can't wait to see how you plan to torture this poor woman. LOL