Evory Gilbert

Evory Gilbert

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"Why are you doing this Evory?" Bonnie asked.

"Because everyone cares about little ol' Elena! Always saving Elena! It is always Elena this, Elena that. Even the Salvatores brothers are fooled by her. I couldn't care less if Niklaus kills her. One thing is for sure I prefer being like Niklaus or worse than him instead of being like her. Why?  Because she stopped being my sister and you all my friends even Jeremy the day you all left me to rot."

"I'm sorry Evory. I am sure Elena is too."

"You're not sorry. You've all had plenty of time to say sorry, but I guess that you all forgot I even existed. One thing is for sure I'll make you all suffer, because I may be a vampire, but there are things you all don't know about me."

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