His Smile... (Part1) [JK]

His Smile... (Part1) [JK]

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×Ana× By SinisterJeon Completed

A Highschool fanfic which includes all of BTS and the one new girl who came from America. They say she's Beautiful, but is her personality as pretty as her looks? 

With a past of hurt and pain, she decides to 'shut down' her feelings. She avoids showing any emotions besides her attitude and shows that she is strong enough to deal with anything thrown her way.

Things take a turn for the worst after her mother passes away. She feels as if she can wither away and no one would notice or even care...

But what will happen when a boy, who's smart and good looking, steps in? He may be hot, but is his personality as perfect as his looks?

Will she regain the strength she lost? What will happen when these two are put together? Will fate bring them together? Or will it tear them apart? 


This will be a sad, but a cute and romantic story <33

Fun fact: there is a part 2 already out for this fanfic! Search the name Her Smile or simply click on my profile and search for it in my works :) 

Thanks to those who have read this or will be reading! Enjoy ♡

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tonguetechonogy tonguetechonogy Mar 11, 2018
I have a friend and we call him by his last name and it’s Choi and all I imagine is his face when I read hey Choi 🤦🏽‍♀️😂
guccitown guccitown May 05, 2018
He’s like a being from Uranus 
                              I should know I’ve been there😂😂 (I’m also weird)
ByunRosie ByunRosie Sep 24, 2017
Ewww no he's not
                              You mean he's
                              Freakishly amazingly beautifully sexily fabulously extraordinarily perfectly surperbly smashingly adorable
Kiminjungparkjeon07 Kiminjungparkjeon07 Oct 05, 2018
I just remembered that video from Colby Brock's channel. Sam and Colby anyone?
Alisaga0131 Alisaga0131 Jul 09, 2018
So everyone in the comments are talking about how she snapped it but im over here thinking the fact that she has a flip phone
BassyIsBae BassyIsBae Dec 06, 2018
What the frick frack tic tac patty wack snick snack quarterback big mac heart attack did this bitch just say to me?