Calum Hood Dirty Imagines

Calum Hood Dirty Imagines

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*$ Ny $* By 1D_and_5sos_luver Updated Jan 22, 2017

Sitting. Sitting. And this sitting in your room with your boyfriend, Calum, was getting boring. Your head was in the crook of his neck, and his arm was around your waist. 

Taking advantage of this position, you began to leave small kisses just above his collarbone, where you know he likes it. "[Y/N], that feels good," he says to you as you begin to suck, getting a low groan out of him. 

You straddle him and place yourself right above his dick, beggining to rock your hips. He lowly moans your name as you grind on him. His member begins to grow and you feel it poke the inside of your thigh, making you even hornier. 

"Your brother is right across the hall, [Y/N] we shouldn't do this we could get caught," he says. 

"C'mon, you know you want to, I can tell by the way your little friend is waving hello, you want to," You lean down and nibble on his ear, and then whisper, "Let me make you feel good..." 

Once satisfied with your mark on his neck, you reach for the hem of his nirvana tank ...

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LisaN39 LisaN39 Dec 08, 2016
Lol Ashton, ofc Ashton would know what it's like, he's experienced
flowercrown_prince flowercrown_prince Aug 07, 2016
Ash caught on real quick apparently, I don't understand why I'm laughing through this whole thing, smut is just funny to me
itzyagirldezi itzyagirldezi Nov 25, 2016
*my nonexistent brother walks in* boiii you nosy a&& do you mind? Gtfo.
itzyagirldezi itzyagirldezi Nov 25, 2016
So I read the neither book (even thought it's like 5 chapters) and this is my favorite one 😂😂😂😂 is that weird ?
justsomeoneoverthere justsomeoneoverthere Jan 02, 2016
hazisnotonf1re hazisnotonf1re Jul 23, 2015
Lmao if you read this while listening to "ghosts" by Halsey it's intense