erotic // lashton

erotic // lashton

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luke makes erotic home videos and post them on tumblr

ashton just so happens to stumble upon them, every night

- a smutty love story -
(smut! graphic description of sexual acts! cross dressing! strong language!)

MikeysMalum MikeysMalum Dec 14, 2016
Am I the only one who thought of that video that Arz took of Luke being super cute and scrunching his nose up?
I'm eating a banana rn and I feel like I chose the wrong time to eat it😂
British_Demigod British_Demigod Dec 10, 2016
Me when PewDiePie gives us brofists. Or when Jacksepticeye gives us hive fives all round. Or when Markipler waves bye bye lol
blissfulmelancholy blissfulmelancholy Aug 07, 2016
Don't go outside on a sunny day then so it won't uh.. trigger anything I guess
MindInThe60s MindInThe60s Oct 16, 2016
Everyones here like "awe cute" and I'm here like "ok creeper much" NO IM JK 😂😂😂