Hiccup x reader

Hiccup x reader

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You knew Hiccup when you were kids (HTTYD) but, as he got older, and more known around the village Hiccup grew apart and your hangouts shortened. You are the one who works at the Blacksmith with Gobber and is the News Poster for the village, trying to keep the place up-to-date. Unfortunately, your time in Berk wasn't always great, as an orphan, you constantly got bullied by Astrid. The one thing that keeps you sane and happy was your dragon, the Silvertooth. 

Silvertooth, the highest reptile of the Dragon Chain 

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  Of you and Hiccup plus the gang!

Cosmiceye Cosmiceye Feb 13
I usually just do my name.... lol I never realised people made up names, I'm shocked for some reason
I_am_familton_lams I_am_familton_lams Aug 17, 2016
Once I said "We have" and my mom was like "DRAGONS!!!" I was like "YAAASSSSS MOM! Yas." I actually said that
nmXphm nmXphm Aug 14, 2016
I never ever thought of Astrud being so flirty and all.
                              She turned from cool and swaggy to bitchy and barbie
nerdygirl2402 nerdygirl2402 Aug 23, 2016
I don't skip them, Astrid never liked him until he became famous..... She's what we call the first gold digger.
cinamontwix26 cinamontwix26 Jul 28, 2016
I have a friend on wattpad who I know in real life so I'm not rlly a loner.
SSAAgentMalfoy SSAAgentMalfoy Dec 13, 2016