Hiccup x reader

Hiccup x reader

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You knew Hiccup when you were kids (HTTYD) but, as he got older, and more known around the village Hiccup grew apart and your hangouts shortened. You are the one who works at the Blacksmith with Gobber and is the News Poster for the village, trying to keep the place up-to-date. Unfortunately, your time in Berk wasn't always great, as an orphan, you constantly got bullied by Astrid. The one thing that keeps you sane and happy was your dragon, the Silvertooth. 

Silvertooth, the highest reptile of the Dragon Chain 

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  Of you and Hiccup plus the gang!

CreepyLiz CreepyLiz Jul 10
For now my name will be
                              Lyria Wild
                              Thanks @Mariana4190 for last name!
My mom and I say horrendous to describe horrible things all the time lolll
I imagined me running like Sonic and when people say 'Hi!' All I'd do was yell 'GOTTA GO FAST!'
One chin is on his right cheek, and the other is on his left xD
Damn I'm hoping to get a bachelor degree on fine arts some day..
                              But yes walking is what I'm terrible at
I think I'm rather good at all of these things and I love drawing. But for the sake of this fine book I shall be miserable at it