The Crow and The Butterfly [Itachi Love Story]

The Crow and The Butterfly [Itachi Love Story]

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mtovar98 By mtovar98 Updated Nov 24, 2017

Why did she love him? He was a criminal, a heartless monster. An individual who murdered his own clan, a rogue ninja from the leaf; that was what Itachi Uchiha was.
However, she loved him because of all those things. She was considered a monster, even if the picture showed her as a beauty because she was beyond the human understanding. She was amazed at his selfless sacrifice, because he accepted disgrace in the place of honor, and hate instead of love; he was her everything and she was his.

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KonaKona666 KonaKona666 Apr 17, 2017
But the thing is you must be in 3 people team so cooperation is checked with each and every genin... You try to make her look all high and mighty... Also villages are usually hidden in something like rain mist leafs. Not demons...
LadyBloodwell LadyBloodwell Jun 26, 2016
You won me with your first sentence! Amazing writing love it
prosetry prosetry Jul 29, 2015
The chapter's good; i like it and your storyline. The very first paragraphic really caught me there!