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Dan Howell x Reader Forever is all I need

Dan Howell x Reader Forever is all I need

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Lydia McCormack By _Phandom_forever_ Updated Aug 07, 2016

You wake up with the worse headache ever. Yesterday, Becky and her gang of friends decided that you should learn a valuable lesson, how to toughen up. So they dragged you to the gym hall were they slowly beat you up, making you late to your maths lesson and getting a big telling off from the teacher.

You never understood why Becky hated you, until today. Today was when it all made sense. 
You walk into the classroom, your low self confidence dragging you down like it does in every social occasion. You see your best friends Dan and Phil sitting in the back of the class so you make your way up there. Only to fall over because of Becky 'accidently' tripping you over. You flip her off whilst the teacher isnt looking and the silently stroll to where your best friends are.

"Hey y/n", they both say at the same time. 
"Hey guys!!" 
Phil whispers quietly to Dan whilst you sit there confused and slightly hurt. You've been friends with them since you were ten, why were they keeping secrets from...

pinof9 pinof9 Aug 17, 2016
Hajajajajahahahahahahaha you don't deserve Dan you lil Biatch
Momospicekins Momospicekins Nov 21, 2016
Jessica is the bullying bitch and Becky is the shy nerdy one.
PhanTrashSoozie PhanTrashSoozie Dec 03, 2016
I am already broke so if you try to break me more you'll get injured too Becky..
                              BEAKY YOU SLUT
TheUnrealisticMoon TheUnrealisticMoon Dec 26, 2016
                              I'm not Yandere I swear. 😂 I just wanna smack Becky with a broom. 
Becky,look my life IS ALREADY a living hell so don't even try BISH
TheUnrealisticMoon TheUnrealisticMoon Dec 26, 2016
Becky, Becky,Becky, Becky,...................... 
                              Wtf is wrong with you. Ur such a attention whore,Becky.