The Jock and The Nerd {Completed}

The Jock and The Nerd {Completed}

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The Jock: Madison Bumgarner. Star Pitcher on the South Caldwell Spartan's Baseball team. Led the team to the NC State Championship Game, which they won. Always surrounded by friends and the team. Just your everyday country boy.


The Nerd: Brittany Davis. That shy girl that is always sitting in the back of the classroom. Straight-A student who has a scholarship to Notre Dame. Has no friends, but many bullies. Just a girl who wants to have a normal life.

When they get paired up together as partners on a project, will they work together and pass or argue and fail? Plus, what happens after the project gets turned in?

can i be anything as long as my character's a good one?? hehe anyways, i've read the description and already in love with this book. hoping the later chapters won't let me down.. good luck at your writing !! :))
I LOVE THE SAN FRANSISCO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this book already!