The Half Blood..Princess? (Lesbian Story #Camren#g!p)

The Half Blood..Princess? (Lesbian Story #Camren#g!p)

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Rikki By Rikkihere Updated Oct 14, 2016

Camila's P.O.V

Never, have I EVER seen that girl before...," I think to myself.
I was currently staring hard at a girl talking to the teacher. She had a beanie covering her long raven hair that reached to her waist. Her skin was almost like milk, those pouty lips...and those eyes.... oh those piercing emerald eyes..she has to be new!

Her eyes flickered to mine almost as if she just noticed me, an immediately a look of regret shown on her face.

Warning: g!p
Mature content 

Nyghtingale15 Nyghtingale15 Oct 02, 2016
Love it, I don't remember a lot of what you wrote other the basics either but I'm happy re read it as potentially a completely new story :)