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A Dangerous Innocence

A Dangerous Innocence

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D h a n aღ By HaveFaith101 Completed

{C O M P L E T E D}

Ask yourself this, how long does it take to fall in love with the man of your dreams? And I don't mean good dreams... I mean Nightmares...      

Leah Sullivan was thirteen when she met a ruthless man, eighteen when she fell in love with the same one. But loving someone so dangerous, such as Leo Russo always comes with a price. A price that just has to ruin your life, and turn it upside down. What would you do, if you gave everything to the person who you love? What would you do, if they request so much of you, would you say no, or would you do as they ask, just because you love them? Would you fight for the person you love, even if you've been fighting for so long, that it hurts to carry on?  You are about to embark, on the most frustrating love story that you will ever read. You may cry, you may sigh, you may even laugh. However if you are truly in love with someone, you will wait forever for them, no matter how much it pains you.       

Join Leah, in her story of fighting for the only man she could ever love, Leo Russo.                                                                                                                     
                                             'She's dangerously innocent'                   

Copywrite © Dhana Goinden 2015

Cover by MissKaterinaP

hopelessromantic204 hopelessromantic204 Apr 21, 2016
Everyone is like 'ONE Direction OH MY GOSH!' And I'm here like 'Channing Tatum's abs'😍
912Sneakky961 912Sneakky961 Sep 07, 2016
Blame it on Google translate 
                              Don't blame it on me
                              Don't blame it one me
ClayeAnneAng ClayeAnneAng Aug 19, 2016
I can see redundancy in here. Rambling the same passages again and again. I will it is not like that on the next chapter.
I speak French very well and Spanish is really similar to French and I've picked up Italian from some other wattpad books so I think I'd be fine 😂
Rachel_Barakat Rachel_Barakat Jul 14, 2016
What about Pierce The Veil or All Time Low
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LilTigress LilTigress Jun 11, 2016
I'm assuming from the cast that you really like The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf... I don't know. Just a guess