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YoonMin || I NEED U

YoonMin || I NEED U

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kth. By caramelmacchiato95 Updated 4 days ago

YoonMin || Park Jimin is his human. VampireAU©2015BTS

The moment when almost everyone ships VKook but you're still clinging onto VHope
ThatRandomPenguin ThatRandomPenguin Oct 29, 2016
Like I'm English and speak english, but I'm such a fail at english
wangzico wangzico Nov 02, 2016
Ogay im reading this book for the 3rd time now I'm gonna spam with comments Bc we have to reach 1k commentssss
anifreek anifreek Dec 05, 2015
Aw! In the picture Suga looks so cute and innocent as he's about to choke Jimin :D