Typical Bad Boy?

Typical Bad Boy?

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Brad$Gray By GrayNBrad Completed

Ethan and Grayson Dolan, they're twins and they're two of the most popular kids in school and on social media. 

Only thing is, they're popular for different reasons. Ethan; nice, sweet, will always help a girl out and take one for the team.

 Grayson on the other hand... Well, he's kind of a bad boy... Kind of.

So when Allison Parker finds out why Grayson behaves in such a manner, what will she do? Will she be able to change him? Or is Grayson just destined to always be a Typical Bad Boy?

Grayson Dolan Fan Fiction

Second Book ~ My Girl
Third Book ~ Misunderstandings
Fourth book ~ Consequences

thatdolangirl_ thatdolangirl_ 5 days ago
I'm sorry but why do practically all fanfics make Gray a fückboy 😂😂
Lanaeee2 Lanaeee2 4 days ago
Welp I'm a hoe, and also I'm laughing like something funny😉😉😂
anisabegum12 anisabegum12 6 days ago
Can anyone help me , I thought this girl was my best friend then she laid to me and even admitted she was a fake friend, I've got no one now cause all my other friends are probably gonna leave me cause they all like her more
niamhruth14 niamhruth14 6 days ago
Nice to know , thank you for taking the time to write what you do cause it's amazing ❤️
NatsArias NatsArias Feb 12
I'm an Ethan girl, but I'd still like Grayson's hand around my waist...😋
kymaniena kymaniena 3 days ago
I'm re-reading all this shiieet 😂 love it  and imma start all over muahahaha