Typical Bad Boy?

Typical Bad Boy?

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Brad$Gray By GrayNBrad Completed

Ethan and Grayson Dolan, they're twins and they're two of the most popular kids in school and on social media. 

Only thing is, they're popular for different reasons. Ethan; nice, sweet, will always help a girl out and take one for the team.

 Grayson on the other hand... Well, he's kind of a bad boy... Kind of.

So when Allison Parker finds out why Grayson behaves in such a manner, what will she do? Will she be able to change him? Or is Grayson just destined to always be a Typical Bad Boy?

Grayson Dolan Fan Fiction

Second Book ~ My Girl
Third Book ~ Misunderstandings
Fourth book ~ Consequences

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LilyRacheva LilyRacheva 3 days ago
                              AND I LOVE CAMERON DOLAN BTW
11thAviator 11thAviator 4 days ago
My cousin is one day older than me and my birthday is dec. 14 and the twins birthday is dec. 16 their birthday is two days after mine 😱
xx_graybae_xx xx_graybae_xx 4 days ago
I girl I hate’s birthday is the same day as mine and I’m mad about it cause I gotta share my special day with that little bïtch
okaynolan okaynolan 3 days ago
Everyone saying ppl but I’m here like Allison argent..teen wolf...no okay 😭
xx_graybae_xx xx_graybae_xx 4 days ago
Yay new name for my friend group (just kidding my friends are innocent as hell and it kills me)
xx_graybae_xx xx_graybae_xx 4 days ago
Man I love being a hoe / whore. It’s fun if it means I get to like Gray.