The Devil's Love

The Devil's Love

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The Devil's Love Series
Book 1: Tempt the Devil;
Book 2: Playing with Fire;
Book 3: Queen of Hell;
Book 4: Shadow of Death.
(All four stories contained in this one book)
What does the devil do when he is invited to a wedding and the invitation says, plus guest?

Lost in his thoughts about the possible choices, he takes a walk in the human world and happens upon one young woman that is the answer to his question. His offer is one of simplicity, save her failing business and in return be his date for the wedding. He never expected for the deal to last anything more than the few weeks that were ahead of them. Then again, he never expected to fall in love with her.

Unloved, unwanted. Two words that Sarah thought summed up her life. Unloved by her parents who favored her sister over her, unwanted even after their death. Her business is failing despite being a brief walk from one of New York's best tourist attractions. Being a failure was never in Sarah's future, she was desperate to prove her nasty sister wrong. Committing to the deal of a lifetime could cost Sarah so little if she accepts.
One little walk through the bustling city of New York will alter their lives forever, entwining them in ways they never thought possible. As the days progress and their love for each other deepen, they believe that they are beyond the reach of reality and soon realize that there are some people that would do anything to bring them down.

All of their plans for the future are now unstable, resting upon the edge of a knife. With the threat of being revealed to the world, Anton and Sarah must choose a life among humans on the surface or hide in the underworld.

**This story is a part of the DEADLY BEASTS world**          
© These stories and works are copyrighted. No part may be reproduced by any process, nor may any other exclusive right be exercised, without the permission of T.M. Watkins (xMishx) 2015

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anna12331 anna12331 Mar 26, 2017
1uick question: How are new readers supposed to catch up with this story when Deadly Beasts book 1 is unavailable on wattpad?
LibbyCarlson LibbyCarlson Dec 30, 2017
I love how you invite your new readers and your old ones <333 I'm so BHgvhyuiFYUgyFYUlGYui
Shadowkatqueen11 Shadowkatqueen11 Jun 24, 2017
Hey guys! I'm currently writing a paranormal story, feel free to check it out! It would mean a lot!
oliviamaxfield oliviamaxfield May 19, 2017
Where do I get to read your other works? I mean I want to read the other stories so that I don't feel lost. :) 
                              It's better to start from the beginning. 
                              And I can't find your works in your profile even after I followed you.
stranger10202000 stranger10202000 May 22, 2018
Let me just say I'm new an already love you! Books seem to end to quickly for me 😘😘
jill_waltham jill_waltham Oct 13, 2017
I love it! Would you mind checking my story out? It would mean the world to me and I think you'll like it!