White Rose Underwater: A RWBY fanfic

White Rose Underwater: A RWBY fanfic

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Weiss Schnee, a young mermaid who just have turned of age discovered that her stepmother- the Queen currently, gave her a necklace as a gift. She was different because unlike any other mermaids, she had ice and glyphs as abilities. Ice and Glyphs. She didn't blend in with the world underwater so she did one thing sensible--

She went out of her home and went to discover Land only to end up in Vale and had help from a young girl...who was curious why a girl who have stark white hair and icy blue eyes end up by the shore.

She had a time limit and Weiss was determined to make the best of it but what else could she possibly see, learn, and have up in the world of humans especially with Grimm present underwater and up at land.

For a girl who had two semblances, which was so rare in Remnant, living with humans and keeping her secret might be quite tricky.


Kimz-Asian21 Kimz-Asian21 Mar 26, 2016
This chapter is really good 
                              I hope you can make more chapters like this one
KawaiiSenpaiDesuChan KawaiiSenpaiDesuChan Aug 16, 2016
*spit out drink* WHAT?! RUBY, YOU ARE 
                              M A D E  FOR THAT JOB
KnightoftheRWBYVerse KnightoftheRWBYVerse Dec 03, 2016
Amazing you have me hooked. I hope this is entered on the next RWBYVERSEAWARDS. Might win first.
Isana-17 Isana-17 Mar 26, 2016
...............for once I had changed my view towards Cinder.......a lil' bit 'kay
Meh_WuvBooks Meh_WuvBooks Aug 12, 2016
Make it at least 10 years and i will reconsider forgiving you Cinder