This Is Our Second Skin (Frerard)

This Is Our Second Skin (Frerard)

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still the one By SeraphStarshine Completed

In which Gerard is an awkward fuck who likes women's clothing more than he probably should and Frankie is the drag queen who has stolen Gerard's heart.

There is only one problem - Frankie doesn't know Gerard exists, and Gerard isn't doing anything to correct that unfortunate oversight, no matter how badly he wants to.


Drag Queen AU


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I used this makeup app to illustrate how frank would look with makeup
Gerard you are a fuckingf beautiful human now shut the fugv up and watch Frankie
Ok I know this has Frank as the drag queen, but who else could totally imagine this scenario with Gerard as the drag queen? Actually that mental image is pretty amazing. Sorry just a random opinion I’ll leave now
Shane Dawson: *referring to Frank* "that guy on the left he could do drag"
*sighs* I only read this in the first place to read Gerard tops but now I have to keep reading
I just dropped my phone on my face cause I was laughing so hard at the chapter title and my girlfriend who is currently sitting in my knee just looked me in the eye and said no it isn’t. 😂😂