This Is Our Second Skin (Frerard)

This Is Our Second Skin (Frerard)

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tonight and always By SeraphStarshine Completed

In which Gerard is an awkward fuck who likes women's clothing more than he probably should and Frankie is the drag queen who has stolen Gerard's heart.

There is only one problem - Frankie doesn't know Gerard exists, and Gerard isn't doing anything to correct that unfortunate oversight, no matter how badly he wants to.


Drag Queen AU


They're both dominant and submissive at the same time, so i don't really know who tops.
referring to frank as she is different. I kinda like it though
Me with Brendon, MCR, FOB, TØP, Halsey, Melanie Martinez, etc.
Fun fact once I listened to that song on repeat in the dark for three hours straight to talk myself out of cutting and it worked
I was too,  I had no clue my uncle was gay or that it was odd that I had two uncles.  Now that I know im trans my mom instantly pushed it aside and keeps pretending I never said anything.  Not  to mention im still struggling with my sexuality
I mean, i like feminine things but i don't really feel like a girl.