The Rank [Yandere!Sadistic!Kuroko No Basuke x Reader Edition] AU

The Rank [Yandere!Sadistic!Kuroko No Basuke x Reader Edition] AU

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凛 By Rogenin Updated Sep 01, 2016

CAUTION! WARNING! This series might get violent, twisted and very offensive to some people so If you're not very open minded person or get offended easily, please don't read the novel.  Involves adult content such as rape/non-con, lemon, dubcon. You've been warned.

This story is inspired by Caste Heaven by Ogawa Chise

Summary :
Because of lack of tuition you were left with no choice but to enter this school. But little did you know what hell you've entered. A school that has a ranking system built in that would destroy you little by little.

Genre : Drama, Romance, Dark Themed

Cover made by SpaceChess

7Moan7 7Moan7 Feb 07
I was gonna say, "thank ghandi my real father isn't like this." But then i remembered he got a girl pregnant and left her because its an 'accident pregnancy'.
                              HOLD TF ON I ALREADY LOVE THIS BOOK😂😂😂😂😂
True, although a little hope and faith here and there could change the world!
dezzy4551 dezzy4551 Feb 13
When she imagines all the disease's she's going to get from him LOL poor thing
voidlessvoid voidlessvoid Mar 07, 2016
is this inspired by caste heaven?? i love that manga but im also excited to read this story so far!!
Nagmarishian Nagmarishian Jul 22, 2016
Brain:Bitch you need to learn your place
                              Rest of Body: OHHHHHHB