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Jungle Love (BoyxBoy) (MPREG)

Jungle Love (BoyxBoy) (MPREG)

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♥Tyler Hoechlin♥ By CaliPalms Updated Jul 19, 2015

Benny Milton,  the prized son of Reginald Milton. owner of Milton Safari Group. Went on a trip with his parents to the deep jungle. He expected to have a nice summer vacation with his parents until their helicopter crashed before landing leaving Benny the only survivor. With no past knowledge and know hows of surviving a situation he's in. Benny reluctantly ended up on the edge of a cliff holding on for dear life, until a certain guy came swinging on a vine to save him.

Who is this mystery hero?  Read to find out!  

Twist on Tarzan ( Takes place 18  years after Tarzan Story)  

Copyrighted © 2015 CaliPalms All Rights Reserved

Jane! You wash that mouth out with soap! I will not have Belle's great great grandchild spewing such vulgar things
When I was little and I watched that movie I used to question whether Terk was male or female. Their voice just sounded so in between back then
                              HOW DID YOU NOT NOTICE THIS??
Lipona_ Lipona_ Jun 14
... I can't.... my childhood.... I will never be able to unsee this ever again 0-0
After rereading the comments above me and the actual line, it has come to my understanding that in the Tarzan movies terk, is a girl even though I'm pretty sure most people mistook her for a him; like the author and I did, which is why people are reacting to terks male whatever you call it
They make it seem so fast. Birth takes hours. Especial because of Janes thin waist it probably would have taken upwards of four hours