My Cyber Love Life with Justin Bieber

My Cyber Love Life with Justin Bieber

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Annie Noelle By uniq13 Completed

Why I Hate Justin Bieber List:

1. My ex - best friend chose him over me.

2. He lied to me about who he was to impress me.

3. I've fallen in love with him.

Yumikho Yumikho Mar 09, 2015
@uniq13 oww ok. thankss alot. I'm not good in english. but I can understand.
CaramelLova CaramelLova Jan 20, 2012
I don't get whose who.. I need to keep going to the character chappie.  Can't you write their names in brackets??
happinesshater17 happinesshater17 Sep 26, 2010
i can't believe you like justin bieber too. i love him! haha
                              btw, i love your story. keep up! ^^
marilynjacksonO marilynjacksonO Sep 13, 2010
wow, i love the style and layout of this, it's like i'm looking at a real chat room, lols, this is great, it's the first time i've read anything last this. you're awesome.
uniq13 uniq13 Sep 13, 2010
@booooom: i know, i'm not either just of his songs. have you made a story yet?
                              @Allaince_Love: go ahead and read, doesn't matter if you're weird, i'm not exactly 'normal' either( but i'm still human of course). ;P
Mariah_EJ Mariah_EJ Sep 12, 2010
@uniq13: XD Agreed but I would of been like...Uhmmm...justin beaver,,,justin beader....justin whatserface? XD Not really a fan but I wanna read this story soo haha...I know im weird.