Missed me?

Missed me?

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WildRose Forever By WildRose1996 Completed

I brought my knees up to my face as my legs tremble in fear. My face was damp with tears, that run down on the dried up blood from my cracked lips. My body was sore from the bruises left behind from their violent hand. 

I once tend to love the light and now all I want to do is hide in the abyss of the dark. But no matter what they will find me and get me. 

I hear their footsteps approach and I hold my breath as long as I can so they won't hear me. The sound of the footsteps disappeared....but they didn't fade away. My heart beat drops as it completely stop for one whole second. The silence was too quiet, very quiet.

For a place where the sun never rise, I never thought the darkness can be overwhelmed....yet only by their shadow. I can sense them outside the closet door waiting for me to realize that they found me. They always were the best seeker, they always win.....

Minutes went by.

Why weren't they getting me?... The wait was driving me out of my mind. These mind games had me p...

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