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Baby, We're A Hurricane (Brallon)

Baby, We're A Hurricane (Brallon)

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Grey☄ By HellaDelirious Completed


Dallon and Brendon were friends, but it wasn't seen as that on both sides. Brendon wanted more. He is questioned when he is forced through obstacles that test whether or not Dallon is the one for him.
This was my first fanfiction on Wattpad and it honestly is a shitshow. I'm sorry for errors or anything else you may find that is incorrect. Cheers✌️

Ryan baby I love you but please don't be a home wrecker like nearly every other brallon fic. I'm sure somebody else can sufficiently supply you with milk
QuinnBeMe QuinnBeMe Jan 01
Brah we all know that dal does the sgage gay cos he is homophobic.... Can u hear the sarcasm CAN YA HEAR IT
*rolls up a newspaper and smacks the back of Dallon's head* BAD, DALLY! BAD!
*inhales breath loudly again*
                              F UC K N O S TI P😤😤
Damn it, is he gonna be one of those "I'm gay, but I'm not in a safe enough environment to come out, and I'm jealous of all the kids who are out, so I'm gonna be mean to them" kind of homophobes?
I feel personally attacked because Dallon is acting so straight