Before He Was Insane ~ Creepy Pasta

Before He Was Insane ~ Creepy Pasta

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Everyone hated him.

But I loved him.

Everyone thought he was weird.

I knew he was just different.

Everyone thought he was nothing but an ugly freak.

He was perfect in my eyes.

Everyone feared him.

But I adored him.

They killed him.

Now it's time for him to do the same to them.


Dedicated to my friend, Marisol. The biggest Jeff The Killer fan I've ever met.

When I was little I would stab myself multiple times and not feel pain and now where I have the scars it will hurt like I'm stabbing myself all over again its like I didn't feel pain when I was younger and whatever pain I was supposed to feel back then I am feeling now
Jess you are known of all the people they said it was a good book
except no neurotypicals are not a little insane theyre not insane at all also thats an ableist slur i hate you you tore my family apart and now im gonna tear yours apart get ready to see me in ur house motherclucker
Maxson4Life Maxson4Life May 01
Mommy doesn't like to talk to me. She said that when I slid the knife against her belly it really hurt. I tried to tell daddy but his mouth is missing.
Well then, 😑 this is so messed up yet i like it and now I'm pretty sure I'm demented too
Aishomoriko Aishomoriko Oct 28
Im triggered' Jeff aint jnsane the best people are crazy so i guess it makes him a sane person 😍