I'm His Favorite Student ~Markiplier x Reader~ {SMUT} (DISCONTINUED)

I'm His Favorite Student ~Markiplier x Reader~ {SMUT} (DISCONTINUED)

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Bailey By OG_GamingQueen Updated Feb 23, 2016

The beginning of your senior year starts out better than you thought it would.

This contains smut.

This story was discontinued- I will NOT be finishing it.

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Jack: where's mark? Hmmmmm *haves idea* YOU COULD'VE BEEN A ENGINEER!!!! 
                              MARK: UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH
Septipler_Awaaaay Septipler_Awaaaay Dec 21, 2017
                              Favorite class.
                              I PREFER ENGLISH
hailey_dale hailey_dale May 30, 2017
Hey I like the cover the top pic is area(how ever you spell her name) and ezera(don't know how to spell his name either) from pretty little liars
Cypnox Cypnox Jan 10
Pshh.... Nah dude we doing normal black jeans with a red sweatshirt. With my hair in a messy bun
Septipler_Awaaaay Septipler_Awaaaay Dec 21, 2017
My birthday is in EXACTLY seven days.
                              If its December in this book, then yeah, I'm 18
fandoms_scream fandoms_scream Dec 27, 2017
this is very similar to my school sechdual tbh. We start at 7:50 and get out at 2:40 with about 50 minutes of class for each period (including lunch) and three periods in the morning and three in the afternoon... (Well fourth is still partly in the morning but you get what i mean.)