I'm His Favorite Student ~Markiplier x Reader~ {SMUT} (DISCONTINUED)

I'm His Favorite Student ~Markiplier x Reader~ {SMUT} (DISCONTINUED)

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Bailey By OG_GamingQueen Updated Feb 23, 2016

The beginning of your senior year starts out better than you thought it would.

This contains smut.

This story was discontinued- I will NOT be finishing it.

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hailey_dale hailey_dale May 30
Hey I like the cover the top pic is area(how ever you spell her name) and ezera(don't know how to spell his name either) from pretty little liars
idfkhalp idfkhalp 5 days ago
Sooo... this is basically me but my performance in every class is as good as in  English, Spanish and music? Nice.
idfkhalp idfkhalp 5 days ago
Just bc Hannah is a popular name in Sweden, I WILL TRANSLATE THIS ENTIRE THING IN MY HEAD!!
this feels egotistical kinda but this actually happens to me. i almost got gifted in an IQ test and i always get different tasks to the rest of class because everything else is easy and makes me bored •-• (i mean everything at school makes me bored but yknow)
                              I think it's a bad Idea to put me in a room with just him and me alone cause...well.... 
                              Let's just say my stomach is in knots right now
idfkhalp idfkhalp 5 days ago
I claim these dots and call them Jess, Jason, Castor and Aaron