I'm His Favorite Student ~Markiplier x Reader~ {SMUT} (DISCONTINUED)

I'm His Favorite Student ~Markiplier x Reader~ {SMUT} (DISCONTINUED)

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Bailey By OG_GamingQueen Updated Feb 23

The beginning of your senior year starts out better than you thought it would.

This contains smut.

This story was discontinued- I will NOT be finishing it.

To bad Mark couldn't have been a chemistry teacher. We could of had a Chemical Romance;);););)
Wow for me that is snack 10:35-11:05 and lunch is like 12:35-1:15
And yet, I don't say my last name to teachers, when I'm introducing myself. 'Even though they don't normally ask for it anyways.'
Miss_CLK13 Miss_CLK13 2 days ago
Was I the only kid that spelled six , sex at 8 years old , even tho I knew what sex was I still spelt it like that , lol
                              WHEN WILL YOU LEARN
                              THAT YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENSES!!!
Oh my god already into the dirty parts and it's only the first chapter xD